Our Film

Our History

We are Thrislington Cubicles and we're here to provide you with the best washroom in the world.

We started in 1968 in a small unit selling our products mainly around the North West of England. The products were so popular that we expanded our supply throughout the UK, and today we supply and install products world-wide. Since the early days we've improved our designs and enhanced our systems so much so that we are now the innovation leaders in the market.

This time line is where the story is told and old fashion mistakes are exposed, so we hope this gives you a smile, but also shows you our pedigree for making sure you will have the best bogs in the land.

Our History timeline

Our Philosophy

We believe that great design should be invisible.

Which is why we have spent the last 40 years obsessing over every little detail, testing, checking and retesting every hinge, foot and lock, developing and engineering new ideas such as our patented self closing mechanism and generally spending far too much time with our cubicles.

It's because of this obsession though, that our products are still standing years after installation, that we can offer our unique ten year manufacturing guarantee and that we are always innovating, ensuring that our cubicles are simply the best that money can buy.

Our Process

Our passion does not stop with the design and manufacture of our products though.

We’ve a dedicated team, from the technical staff that carry out the initial site survey and drawing approval process right through to our installers, some of which have been installing our products for over 25 years (so they really, really know what they are doing).

This experience, and passion, ensures our product begins its life in the best shape possible. However if you would rather go it alone, many of our cubicle and panel systems are available as supply only and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Our Awards

It’s not just us that think we’re the best though.

We’ve won many awards over the years for both design and manufacturing, from Design Council, D&AD, Design Management Europe, Design Week and more recently the Red Dot Design Award.

All this meant that last year we were entered into Design Weeks Hall of Fame, which, without meaning to always sound too full of ourselves, we’re pretty proud of.