Our new Arc system is designed for curved spaces, and is completely unique in the washroom world. Designed to be bespoke for each application, Arc is the stunning solution to maximize space in a circular building or curved environment.

the curved cubicle

Available in both concave and convex in all our flush full height systems and at a lower cost, our standard height options.

  • Concave

    Available in both concave and convex layouts.

  • Convex

    Available in both convex and concave layouts.

  • Systems

    Available in full height Flow and Flush systems and standard height Ribbon and Oasis systems.

  • Hydraulic Closer

    Our patented Hydraulic Closer ensures that all flush doors will close or open beautifully, quietly and with a satisfying amount of resistance.

10 years guarantee

This is just a sample of our range of finishes. To see more order a sample


arc Technical Details