full aluminium framework

Full aluminium framework

We like to think that people often choose Thrislington because of how the cubicles look but they come back to order again, because of how they work. The strength behind all our cubicles is the full aluminium framework.

pivoted doors

Pivoted doors

Our doors open by pivoting from a headrail, to either a bracket, foot or the floor meaning all our cubicles are free of hinges, which are the weak point of any door. The pivot system also provides the opportunity to increase or decrease clearances around the door, which can create an anti-finger trap facility if desired.

made to measure

Made to measure

Like the ultimate Savile Row suit, all our cubicles, panels and vanity units are made specifically for each individual room, this ensures that for every job specified they become the perfect fit.

bespoke design

Bespoke design

We like to think we know everything there is to know about washroom design, but that doesn’t mean that we are not open to new ideas. With our unique bespoke design service we are able to work with you, to create your ideal specification.

environmental policy

Environmentally Friendly

All of our core materials are sourced from sustainable managed forests. We are also able to supply core materials with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF), with zero VOC adhesives, to achieve BREEAM and LEED certification where specified. All our aluminium has a high recycled content.

different finishes

Variety of different finishes

Our cubicles are available in a wide range of different finishes - look at the finishes page for each model for more information.

integrated locking mechanism

Integrated locking mechanism

Unlike a normal latch and bolt system our locks are designed to integrate directly into the aluminium frame of our cubicles and are through fixed for added strength. They also all have our unique shear point at the tip which is designed to snap if a door is kicked through. This point is quick and inexpensive to fix.

self-closing doors

Self-closing doors

From our top of the range hydraulic closing system to a simple rise and fall mechanism, all our doors are designed to self close leaving your washroom looking as neat as you intended.

minimalist fixings

Minimalist fixings

Our products are as minimalist as possible, with clean lines and uncluttered panels. Even when visible fixings are essential, we employ neat yet very tough architectural fixings.



We have always tried to stay one step ahead of our competition by creating innovative new product features, such as our new electronic Flowlite and Oasis Smart systems.

ten year guarantee

Ten year guarantee

We offer a no fuss - 10 year manufacturing guarantee. All of our products are built to stand the test of time, which we believe to be critical to our environmental strategy.


The last word in elegance, all flow doors close to a completely flush finish with 42mm thick hydraulically closing doors and hand lipped rebates. Stainless steel fittings complete the system.



The hardwearing, waterproof full height flush system, designed for a hardwearing world. Available in strong, water-resistant compact grade laminate.



A continuous run of aluminium flush-fitting panels that seem to float 100mm above the floor, ribbon is not a magic trick, just perfect Thrislington engineering.


oasis smart

Our groundbreaking floating cubicle. Along with intelligent placement of the foot we’ve suspended Oasis from the headrail to create what appears to be a floating cubicle.



Our groundbreaking floating cubicle. Along with intelligent placement of the foot we’ve suspended Oasis from the headrail to create what appears to be a floating cubicle.



A perfect marriage of elegance and smart thinking, Icon’s clean lines are only made possible through its intelligent details, which include engineered aluminium fittings and self closing doors. All Icon’s features add up to a cubicle that looks way over it’s budget.



Value engineered perfection. Our most cost effective cubicle still has the standard Thrislington features that other cubicles in each price range can only dream about.


    • Compact Grade Laminate
    • CAD
    • K32
    • High Pressure Laminate
    • CAD
    • K32


The system that's elegant, with maintenance free access, but tough enough to withstand serious abuse. Available in laminate, veneer, glass, aluminium and stainless steel finishes.



We offer a range of different vanity units ideal for any specification and all designed to match perfectly with the rest of our range.



Fusion, a hard wearing locker system is designed for both wet and dry areas is fully DDA compliant, and its intelligent anti-vandal features not only make it tough, but it also looks the part, matching our cubicle systems perfectly.


    • Wood Veneer
    • K32
    • Aluminium
    • K32
    • Compact Grade Laminate
    • K32