new accessories range.

At Thrislington we make the world’s best washrooms. We’ve been known for our cubicles, lockers, ducting and vanity units for the last 50 years and now we are turning our hand to accessories. Give us a call to register your interest.

50 years of british design

We’re incredibly proud to be celebrating our 50th and therefore golden anniversary this year.

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ahead of the curve

Our new Arc system is designed for curved spaces, and is completely unique in the washroom world. Designed to be bespoke for each application, Arc is the stunning solution to maximize space in a circular building or curved environment.

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new product development

Years of product development, have enabled us to offer our unique 15 year guarantee on our systems (and it’s not all top secret). We’re also really excited to show you some of our more recent innovations which include Arc, our new curved cubicle.

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lockers the thrislington way

Vault, our stunning new locker system has been developed to perfectly match our flush cubicle products. Flush doors, with patented Thrislington pivoted closers, make this simply the best locker money can buy.

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flow touchless. open sesame.

Flow is now available with our patented touchless intelligent glass doors. The discrete sensor also acts as an indicator removing the need for a conventional lock, therefore once an approach is made, the doors will elegantly open, lock, and re-open. It’s not quite magic, just perfect engineering.




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brand film

Click below to view our new brand film, which nicely demonstrates our toilet cubicle obsession... 



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the winning hand.

A hard-wearing, waterproof full height ush system, designed for both wet and dry areas. Our new Flush cubicle makes all challengers fold under the pressure. 

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more than skin deep...

We know that hinges are the weakest point of any door, so at thrislington all of our cubicles pivot to close rather than using conventional hinge methods. Shown here is our multi award winning self-closing mechanism, which not only takes the weight of the door but the integral mechanisms ensure the door closes beautifully every time.




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bigger is always better.

Our full-height Flow cubicles are now available with our new superloo integrated design. Each superloo allows for complete integration of the washroom accessories inside the cubicle without the requirement of visible pipework or cables therefore making the area hygienic, and a doddle to clean. Also, despite the fact that our superloo’s are larger than the average cubicle, they can ultimately save space, as a large external vanity area is no longer required.




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more than skin deep

Our stainless steel lock for our Flow system is as robust as it is beautiful. Unlike a normal latch and bolt system our locks are designed to smoothly rotate, and enter the integral receiver within the aluminium frame of our cubicles, making them far more reliable, and fullly compliant with the relative standards world-wide. 




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made to measure...

At Thrislington we like measuring data, particularly about our products. Testing is one of the many reasons why our systems are so successful.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of our graphs and just as importantly, our beautiful made to measure products as shown on our website...


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go it alone...

Our latest innovation, and part of our intelligent systems, Thrislington Touchless enables users to enter, lock, and exit the cubicle without the requirement to touch a surface thereby ensuring that your hands are free from local bacteria.

Just look at the graph to the left to see bacterium found in a standard washroom. So we want

you to go it alone, not with the last person that used the washroom...




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good isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t good

Change is often tempting, but it often doesn’t deliver quite the result you had wished. If you’ve specified a Thrislington cubicle then it’ll be because of one of our unique product features that a competitor cannot offer.

Pivot systems, patented hydraulic door closers, the widest range of material choices in the world, or it could be our unique 15 year manufacturing guarantee which is 5 years longer than our closest competitor.


At Thrislington we offer products across four major sectors; commercial, leisure, education, and our new health range which shall be launched soon.

All our products are designed and built with the specific challenges that each of these sectors offers so, unlike others, we offer unique tailored solutions.

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a perfectly framed idea

Our aluminium framed cubicle systems Icon and Oasis are now available with a painted frame. This can match the cubicle doors, like the all black Oasis tall we installed at the Barclays Centre New York, as shown, or you may want to have a bit more fun with colour...



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sometimes vanity is not a sin

Our new Trough Vanity Unit, shown in solid surface, is the ultimate modern vanity unit; beautiful and hygienic. It’s manufactured using a specialist six axis CNC and hand finished to ensure the perfect result.


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good vibrations

We’re never normally quiet about our achievements - but in this case we thought we’d just show you the difference our patented hydraulic door closer makes.

To the left: the sound caused by a pivoted Thrislington door, slowly and beautifully soft-closing. To the right: the sound of any of our competitors hinged doors, simply hitting the door frame.


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ribbon acrylic. looks like glass, feels like the future.

Our new environmentally friendly, engineered acrylic polymer, unique to Thrislington has the look and feel of glass but comes in 25 times tougher.

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all bogs are not created equal.

Sometimes imitation isn’t the greatest form of flattery. Just because someone cuts their hair like Lennon doesn’t make them in the Beatles, in the same way that someone who provides a door and hinges isn’t supplying you a Thrislington Cubicle.


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all bogs are not created equal

Just because a car is red it doesn’t make it a Ferrari in the same way that someone who provides a door and hinges isn’t supplying you a Thrislington Cubicle.

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oasis smart. clearly intelligent.

Our new system is designed to change the way you see washroom space. The doors shift from being clear glass to completely opaque as soon as the lock is engaged.

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made in britain. used worldwide.

We’re proud that after 40 years of business we still manufacture all our cubicle in the UK. We’re proud to have shipped and installed our cubicles worldwide in over 30 different countries and 100’s of different locations.

time flies

Established in 1968

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A floating wall of cubicles. Simply beautiful. Comprising of a stepped back stainless steel foot, fully engineered integral lock and concealed hydraulic door closer.

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A perfect marriage of elegance and smart thinking, Icon’s clean lines are only made possible through its intelligent details, which include engineered aluminium fittings and self closing doors.

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Value engineered perfection. Our most cost effective cubicle still has the standard Thrislington features that other cubicles in its price range can only dream about.

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The system that's elegant, with maintenance free access, but tough enough to withstand serious abuse.

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Fusion, our hard wearing locker system is designed for both wet and dry areas and is fully DDA compliant. Its intelligent anti-vandal features not only make it tough, but it also looks the part.

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